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Sol campbell biography

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He neglected to bring girlfriends to football matches and his romantic life was enshrouded in mystique as a result. Sol Campbell — The Authorised Sol campbell biography.

But then Campbell always did things differently. Astaire explains how the book came about almost by accident — he met Campbell as the two frequented the same local Italian restaurant. After they were introduced by one of the waiters there, the pair gradually struck up a friendship, and eventually, the former England Sol campbell biography asked Astaire to write his book.

The year-old writer admits to feeling somewhat intimidated by this prospect. And indeed, one of the most memorable passages in the book is one in which Campbell the human being conspicuously takes precedence over Campbell the footballer.

In the latter stages of his predominantly successful Arsenal career, Campbell played a now-infamous game against West Ham. The Gunners lost and their star defender was primarily responsible for the concession of the first two goals. At half-time, he was substituted at his own request, and mysteriously left the stadium thereafter, not even waiting for the second half to finish.

As it transpired, he had promptly departed the country shortly after the West Ham game owing to issues in his personal life, as he consequently neglected to turn up for training in the ensuing days. David Dein told me: People need guidance at those points. He should absolutely have spent even more time away.

So ultimately, I think he could have been managed in a much better way. Indeed, even for such a modern, forward-thinking club as Sol campbell biography, treatment for issues such as mental health were sorely lacking at Sol campbell biography time. It took the tragic death of Gary Speed to raise a greater awareness of the problem within the game and thankfully, greater measures have since been put in place to address player welfare.

It was his great success tactically. Another recurring problem for Campbell initially arose following his controversial move from Tottenham to Arsenal.

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The defender had established himself as a Sol campbell biography legend during his nine years at Spurs Sol campbell biography the one top-class player in a side that otherwise consistently struggled to challenge for honours. Not just for himself, but for a lot of other people as well. It has stayed there and it has followed him. It is one of the most controversial moves in British football history.

And when that person is disloyal to them, they find it hard to forgive them. Sol Campbell and Arsene Wenger pose for a photo, after the defender joined Arsenal from Tottenham on a free transfer in Despite all the success the star subsequently enjoyed at Arsenal, Astaire ultimately feels that the move was a mistake, given that there were other highly attractive offers on the table at the time.

They were asking for him at that time and they made an offer.

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He should have made that decision — it would have been a good move. He thinks he played the best football of his life. He made some friends there. They Sol campbell biography the mentality Sol campbell biography was looking for. He found his spiritual home. In one way, it was the perfect move for him. Astaire, who is now working on a second biography, focusing on the life of Diego Maradona, has enjoyed considerable success with this book. In the book, he writes: I keep coming up with the same answer.

It was the colour of my skin. I thought it was important and he repeated it to me, not once but a number of times.

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This was how he felt. Sol campbell biography he felt it was fundamentally because of his skin colour that he was not the captain. And he feels that because he was a black person, he was not captain as often as if he would have been if he was not.

Sol campbell biography I think he believes that. Consequently, the star made the most of his early talent despite, and perhaps partially because of, his difficult upbringing. The thing about Campbell is that no one said he was the most talented footballer they had seen. But what he did more than anyone else was that he worked harder than anyone else.

And I heard that again and again from his upbringing. There were people he said were more talented than him, but he made it because he always wanted to better himself.

Sol Campbell — The Authorised Biography is available now.

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