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Brownlow hill


Every effort has been made to ensure that information contained Brownlow hill the State Heritage Inventory is correct. If you find any errors or omissions please send your comments to the Database Manager. Brownlow hill information and "Brownlow hill" on this page are the copyright of the Heritage Division or respective copyright owners.

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Brownlow Hill Estate Item details Name of item: Lowe's Hill, Glendaruel Glendaurel Type of item: Farming and Grazing Category: Brownlow hill Local Aboriginal Brownlow hill Council: Brownlow Hill is a rare, substantially intact colonial farming estate with an outstanding scenic landscape setting with many rare surviving early colonial structures and features.

It has one of the most prominent colonial gardens and estates in Australia with the extent of Brownlow hill considerable acreage and pattern of farming largely intact. Brownlow Hill contains a designed landscape of national importance and renown which includes ground modeling, layout and plantings from the pres. The site has association with government stations initiated by Macquarie.

Brownlow Hill has had continuous family occupation the Downes family since and ownership since The site is considerably intact with a network of Brownlow hill century dwellings of a successful farm which are still in operation.

Brownlow Hill is firmly placed in the consciousness of the community as one of the most evocative early European estates colonial house, garden, landscape setting in NSW.

It has been Brownlow hill by the well known architect, author, artist and gardenerW. Hardy Wilson - "Brownlow hill" State Heritage Inventory provides information about heritage items listed by local and State government agencies.

The State Heritage Inventory is continually being updated by local and State agencies as new information becomes available. Read the OEH copyright and disclaimer. George Macleay Alexander Macleay's son Construction years: Brownlow Hill has an exceptionally attractive semi natural landscape and the setting of the house is one of Australia's best surviving examples of a colonial garden.

Grounds at Brownlow Brownlow hill The setting of the house is one of Australia's best surviving examples of a colonial garden which includes not only the house garden but Brownlow hill the surrounding landscape.

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Macleay Sir George Macleay - J. Downes - "Brownlow hill" house and flower garden occupy an artificially formed triangular plateau on the top of a small hill.

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The site is approached by a small lane Brownlow Hill Loop Road which is a tunnel like space lined with mainly African olive Olea africanaand long leaved privet trees, but interspersed with specimen trees of Chinese elm Ulmus chinensisBrownlow hill trees Brownlow hill mollewhite cedar Melia azederach var. Views from the lane into the farm, across Brownlow hill flood plain fields and up the small hills are available along the Loop Road.

Remnant hardwood fencing lines the road, of mainly two beam split hardwood farm fencing. Some stumps remain in the driveway hedgerows of earlier avenue plantings of stone pines Pinus pinea.

The gates are framed by picket fencing, four pillars and a homestead sign. Immediately within the gates on the left is an Brownlow hill formed pond built up with a balustraded sandstone retaining wall, partly covered in dwarf creeping fig Ficus pumila and urns on the northern edge to carry the drive which then turns right and climbs the hill, skirts a dense bamboo thicket, then clipped hedges of box and thickets overgrown predominantly with African olives and large leaved privet.

The drive culminates in an irregular oval carriage loop to the house, which is filled with Agapanthus, Aloe and Agave species. A collection of mature bunya pines Araucaria bidwilliihoop pines A. The carriage loop occupies the "base" of the triangle of the plateau, the house in the centre, and "allee" with side-wards views over the "Brownlow hill" along the left hand northern side continuing In a lesser walk along the other side and the flower garden and aviary occupy the apex The ground falls sharply from the right and left sides of the triangle i.

On the latter side irregular sandstone steps lead down to a lower garden now overgrown with privet, olive and bamboo. This is the first indication when approaching Brownlow Hill of the Brownlow hill of its design.

Date of construction unknown, probably late 's. The carriage house Brownlow hill in good condition.

Brownlow Hill is a small...

The drive edges the northern side with 1 low solid stone balustrade, now overgrown with dwarf creeping fig, Ficus pumila, surmounted at intervals by urns which appear to be composition rather than natural stone. Further urns once decorated a return to this wall on the eastern side.

This has now collapsed. The pond is planted with water lilies. The drive Brownlow hill well maintained gravel drive Brownlow hill by box hedges uneven and incomplete in parts mainly owing to overgrowth and in need of restoration.

Behind these, overgrown thickets of largely self sown African olive Olea africana and large Brownlow hill privet, but containing along the edges a representative collection of common 19th century shrubbery plants and trees Chinese elms, winter honeysuckle, geraniums, bay, photinia, dietesA secondary service drive screened by the olives and privets links the coach house with the house.

A large honey locust tree Gleditsia triacanthos is along this drive. The Aviary is probably one of the most notable architectural feature of the flower Brownlow hill and a rare survival. The Aviary consists of brick built walls with nesting Brownlow hill and semi-circular gables with an "oil -de-boeuf" above twin arches originally infilled with wire The front gable is surmounted by a platform originally carrying a statue of a reclining figure probably a copy of 'Dying Gaul.

The roof is semi-circularoriginally of iron and wire which has since been removed. Brownlow hill of wire screens exist Stuart Read, pers. Garden Layout and Plantings: A large collection "Brownlow hill" mature trees crowns the hilltop and flanks it on the northern side.

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These include bunya and hoop pines, Himalayan chir pines Pinus roxburghiisilky oaks Grevillea robustaremnant grey box Eucalyptus moluccanakurrajongs Brachychiton populneumtree of heaven Ailanthus altissimapony-tail palm Nolina sp. Other trees which are naturalising amongst privets and olives are loquats Eriobotrya japonica and oleanders.

A range of shrub plantings Brownlow hill the now rare Italian buckthorn Rhamnus alaternusCape plumbago P. The flower garden is somewhat altered in the detail of its design in paths, beds and plant material however it still retains some of its major features. A large Marulan sandstone urn on stone pedestal still remains as does the sundial - a baluster shaped support with a brass dial bearing the inscription George Macleay Remains of wire screens exist. Common ground cover plants include Dietes iridiodes, Brownlow hill lily Agapanthus orientalisCrassula sp.

Cat's claw creeper Doxantha unguis-cati is a major ground cover and weed, also climbing the trunks of some major trees, and covering Brownlow hill of the eastern banks of the hill on Brownlow hill the house and garden stands. Today there are four dairies on the property.

Aerial photography from and clearly indicates a pattern of farming on the property which is almost identical today - the western portion of the property used for Brownlow hill only and the Brownlow hill flats for cropping. Several quarries exist on the property, for sandstone and shale supplies.

Detailed garden "Brownlow hill" list not comprehensive: Celtis australis, southern nettle tree, naturalized along creeks, drives, on hill around house; Platanus x Brownlow hill, plane, specimens dotted along main BLH Loop Road Olea europaea var. Furcraea selloa, Mauritius hemp, " F. Camden Park nursery s supplied the following it is unclear if any survive: Macleay's garden Brownlow hill Brownlow Hill noted he had oranges, apples, loquants, pears, plums, cheeries, figs, mulberries, medlars, raspberries, strawberries, gooseberries It is unclear whether there are any survivors Stuart Read, pers.

There is a plume poppy Macleaya cordata, named for Alexander Macleay which was a donation by James Broadbent some years ago and a very old red 'geranium' Pelargonium which Mrs Downes thinks was a a survivor of the Macleay garden Colleen Morris, pers.

The house at Brownlow Hill consists of rendered brick walls and a corrugated iron roof - originally shingle. Floors are hardwood whereas the verandah and entrance hall is sand stone-flagged. The flagging in the entrance is on the diagonal. The cedar joinery is in good condition "Brownlow hill" are the six paneled doors. "Brownlow hill" Hall is wide and paved with sandstone, with two symmetrically placed mouldings supporting an archway. Three Georgian marble fireplaces remain within the house.

The verandah is supported by 'Hardwood Feature' columns. North and west of the small hillock on which lies Brownlow Hill house, is Glendon, another 19th century dwelling, near the northern boundary of the property, and on a higher hill with extensive views north, east and south over the property.

In the southern part of the Brownlow hill, near the Mount Hunter rivulet, is an octagonal brick cottage known as the "roundhouse", which now has been adapted and extended Brownlow hill a home. This lies on land originally granted acres to Peter Murdock, and now part of Brownlow Hill.

The place was known locally Brownlow hill Glendaruel or Glendaurel, and is believed "Brownlow hill" have been associated with the "Brownlow hill" station established by Macquarie in Similar forms were known in a gatehouse at Winbourne and a residence in Molong both now demolishedmaking this a rare early structure of its type. The Round House was known as Monk's Cottage by c.

When the Wilsons came to the Round House it was in ruinous condition, having been flooded on a number of occasions. The collapsed central chimney the surviving roof battens indicate that it was Brownlow hill and dividing wall was Brownlow hill out to make its original two small rooms into a sitting room.

A room was added to connect the Round House and a separate "Brownlow hill" of c. Limewash has been stripped from the unrendered walls. To the north was an orchard on a square Brownlow hill only a persimmon tree Brownlow hill bounded by funeral cypresses Cupressus funebrisa species associated with Brownlow hill William Macarthur's Camden Park nursery and the settings of Camden Park, St John's Church, Camden and Harrington Park.

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The "Brownlow hill" surrounding the Round House contains old pepper trees Schinussky flower Duranta plumieriwisteria and honey locusts Gleditsia triacanthos. Diana Wilson has re-established it with Cumberland Plain staples such as white cedars, oleanders propagated by Mac Wilsonpomegranate, citrus, mulberry, Bauhinia, Chinese elms, crepe Brownlow hill, jacaranda and roses.

The quarry was a source Brownlow hill Wiannamatta stone advertised in the press of the s - '30s as Cowpastures stonea highly-figured mudstone used for paving i. The Camden Park portico columns are reputedly from this quarry.

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The quarry provides a rare instance of a surviving connection between early houses and the source of their materials and is an important archaeological site Carlin, An elaborate garden design which appears to be strongly influenced by 's designs in England and perhaps in particular by the ideas of John Claudius Loudon viz the variety of features the use of composition is Brownlow hill juxtaposed within a relatively small space and the combining of the irregularity of a landscape garden with the smallness in scale of a "villa" garden and the formality of individual parts - a preoccupation with specific features in favour of their subjection to a general effect More specifically the garden shows remarkable parallels in its detailing to that of the well known English horticulturist, Louisa Lawrence.

The details of the sundial in parterre, the urn, and the use of casts the Dying Gaul surmounted Mrs Lawrence's gabled camellia hose. There are no similarities in the plan. If one takes the date of the sundial as indicative of the date of the general Brownlow hill of the garden it predates this publication. The specific influence is unproved, the generic influence is strikingly Brownlow hill. The general layout Brownlow hill well maintained but individual items and some overgrown areas need attention.

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Brownlow Hill is a small village in the Macarthur Region of New South Wales, Australia, in the Wollondilly Shire. It is north-west of the main town of Camden.

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  • Brownlow Hill is a rare, substantially intact colonial farming estate with an outstanding scenic landscape setting with many rare surviving early colonial structures.
  • Domain has 26 Properties Sold & Auction Results in Brownlow Hill, NSW, View our listings & use our detailed filters to find your perfect home.
  • Domain has 1 Real Estate Property for Sale in Brownlow Hill, NSW, View.
  • Results 1 - 25 of Looking for real estate & property in Brownlow Hill, NSW ? Search and view the latest listings for sale in the area and find your next.
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He was a member of Wollondilly Shire Council from , including terms as deputy president. Granting Crown lands for private farming-. Settlement-Building settlements, towns and cities Land tenure-Activities and processes for identifying forms of ownership and occupancy of land and water, both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Granting Crown lands for private farming- 5. SHR Criteria d [Social significance] The Homestead along with the adjoining land is of high social significance as one of very few sites of its type established in the region.

Date of construction unknown, probably late 's. The site has historical significance for the agricultural work which was undertaken within the region.

A room was added to connect the Round House and a separate block of c.

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