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What makes a womans vagina loose


You can determine vaginal looseness by doing the finger check or the kegel ball test. For the finger check test you need to slide your index finger into the vagina and see if you can feel it. Then two fingers index and middle to gauge tightness as compared to 1 finger. How loose is loose?

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Vaginal tone or strength is just like the firmness of our skin or body size. Some women are born with firm, well toned skin whereas some are more flabby. As for body size, some of us have bigger build than others. I think the same holds true for the vagina. Some women are naturally looser or bigger than others.

When you have trouble holding your urine. This happens especially when they laugh, cough or sneeze. When you find that What makes a womans vagina loose need to insert bigger objects larger than your fingers into the vagina for masturbatory stimulation and arousal it could be a sign that you have a looser vagina.

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When you can insert three or more fingers simultaneously into your vagina without significant resistance of your vaginal walls, chances are that you have a loose vagina. Insert your index finger into your vagina and try to grip it with your vaginal walls by contracting your vaginal muscles. If you have difficulties to do this it is one more sign that you might have a loose vagina. When your can see the vaginal orifice when you take a vagina selfie without spreading out the labia.

When your hubby seems not into sex like before and you have difficulties turning him on and satisfy him as before or What makes a womans vagina loose he suddenly begins to find it hard to climax or retain his erection What makes a womans vagina loose hours of sex. Ben Wa ball test is done by holding the ball with your vagina. The longer the better. A tight vagina can hold the ball even you are squatting. Your vaginal tone is good if you can stand with legs wide apart without the ball dropping out.

The vagina is slack or loose if the ball drops out even if you are standing with your legs closed. As we embark on our journey to womanhood — from puberty, virgin, sexually active adult, marriage, motherhood and menopause, the vagina will undergo changes.

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In my vaginal looseness myths, I have mentioned that childbirth and being sexually active will not loosen the vagina. BUT it will definitely be stretched. Prevention is better than cure. When the vagina is tight, maintain that tightness with herbal supplements. And use herbal supplements to gradually restore slack What makes a womans vagina loose tone.

I am sure we have heard lots of vaginal looseness myths, so it is time to address this issue and separate the myths from the truths. The vagina being a muscular tube will expand and stretch to accommodate whatever is inside it. When it is empty, the What makes a womans vagina loose walls touch each other. In fact, having regular sex increases the muscle tone of the vagina and not decrease it.

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Sex is a form of exercise. On the other hand abstaining from sex for a long time would not make your vagina any tighter.

We assume that all men like a tight vagina. This is one of those vaginal looseness myths we have been conditioned to believe. Fact is, in reality, some men prefer a slightly loose vagina for easier penetration and harder and faster thrusting. Case in point is my friend whose vagina is not as tight as before child birth.

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Her husband is much happier with her slightly loose vagina now and they have a much satisfying love life. The men also play a part in relation to What makes a womans vagina loose tightness of the vagina. If his penis size is below average, then it is hard to feel the friction and pleasure during your intimate moments.

A tight vagina indicates that she is not sufficiently aroused yet. When your desire is ignited, the vagina should naturally loosen, vaginal lubrication flows and the cervix opens up for easier penetration.

This means that your vagina should be looser and lubricated during penetration and not tight and dry. If it is, then your partner might take it that you are not ready or do not want to make love. Body size is irrelevant.

Smaller, thinner girls have smaller pelvic structure but is not an indication that they have smaller internal organs. Regardless of size, some women are a little tight because they have a thicker What makes a womans vagina loose or their muscles contract with more force.

Our reproductive organ changes its size to embrace the object inside it, then it returns to its previous state after penetration. Similarly, child birth results in little "What makes a womans vagina loose." However, slight changes might occur when an incision is made through the perineum to enlarge the vagina to ease What makes a womans vagina loose delivery of the baby.

The changes will be noticeable if you have given birth to a large brood. With the common vaginal looseness myths debunked, the problem of a loose vagina is more a state of our mind.

If you are having a satisfying love life, then vaginal looseness should not be a cause for low self-esteem, depression or embarrassment. But, just as we exercise, take supplements and use facial products to stay youthful, why not do the same for What makes a womans vagina loose intimate area?

Regardless of whether there are any truths in What makes a womans vagina loose vaginal looseness myths, it is always beneficial to do Kegel exercises, use Ben Wa balls and supplements with loose vagina remedies for heightened sensations for both partners. Bodija community inaugurates Muslim youth forum.

When you have difficulty to achieve an orgasm unlike before. When hubby demands that you close your legs tight during intercourse. Now there are dynamics that needs to be explained properly. Prev Post Bodija community inaugurates Muslim youth forum. There seems to be a lot of hype about the elasticity of vaginas or loosens so as to prepare for intercourse--and that makes sense from an.

Vaginas. More specifically, we need to talk about loose vaginas. Having a baby makes having sex with your vagina the equivalent of. Why does my vagina sometimes feel different to my partner? Sometimes it feels looser than normal.

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One position that can increase the feeling of “tightness” is if the woman lays on their stomach with their legs together and have their partner.