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How to perform cunning linguist


Reddy Madhavan is also able to tackle some fairly sensitive subjects such as identity, the love of and karmic ties with parents, adoption, the first sexual encounter, loneliness, and my favourite, feminist rage.

Seeing that line about asparagus reminded me of this First time commenter and long time reader here, btw. Shall lurk around as usual: I would dearly love to leave a name but the woman in my life How to perform cunning linguist kill me.

Not for leaving a name but for my comment bcuz I'm certain she reads your blog too. Men would rather receive head than give it. Men will, grudgingly, give "How to perform cunning linguist" to receive it but will do it as an obligation. Very few guys can give good head and I've given How to perform cunning linguist tips to earn the ever loving praise of Eros.

Even fewer want to get nasty and dirty, their fingers, their tongue, their lips and variations of texture and pressure and angle. But there is a huge power trip for guys as well. To see her on the edge and not take her over. Don't tell me you've never. If you haven't you must. As for snowballing, fuck me straight, there are guys who'd refuse to lip-lock after the deed?

Top 5 Tips Cunnilingus Tips....

What simian creatures do you date? If it's good enough for you, it's good enough for them. Do you not lip-lock after they've rag-munched? And men do get tips. Google is your guide. Like this and this and this and this.

i've never performed one to...

Frankly speaking the willingness to give head depends on the individual. As a guy I sometimes feel it necessary for the girl to feel pleasant and giving head is what I feel the best way to. I have heard it's better than the actual thing, but no idea on that. You would be knowing it better. You are wayyyyyyy too frank. I saw one of your "uncles" reading your blog the other day. What if he decides to rat on you?!

Your worst post to date. That question about where men learn? The best way is to ask a woman. I loved this post, even if I hate oral sex. I didn't realise it was such a long post till I had reached the end of it without realising it was so long! Yes eM, it was. Somehow it is difficult "How to perform cunning linguist" men to write on topics like these and they are mostly crass in humour; women somehow do a good job keeping the fun fresh.

I just couldn't get over the snowballing part though because a similar thing happened with a friend of mine. And I couldn't get over it back then too. What was the cigar used for. If it wasn't burnt, why has it become a souvenir? Thanks to the media which "blew" the clinton scandal out of proportion, it saved a few blushes in the world as far as oral sex is concerned.

A job well done. Now am really looking forward to your book! Have you heard of the 'Lick and Flick' routine. You lick, and if he leaks. My guy is wonderfully caring in that before he was about to explode would pull away so I wouldn't be faced with that choice.

When I insisted myself, he was half-ecstatic, half-apprehensive like OMG what is she going to do - and well I think I'm a spitter too: P You give only as good as How to perform cunning linguist get - what about "How to perform cunning linguist" who completely refuse to give it back??

Hey eM, Super post!! Cant say I'm a fan of the taste but yes,the guys fucking love it if you swallow and its a fantasy for most of them the ones I've been with at least because How to perform cunning linguist the precise reason that most girls are 'spitters'. That said,thanks again for the post How to perform cunning linguist. From what I have heard, male cunning linguists don't spit. They either put their nose down willingly or don't.

Or maybe my circle of knowledge is small This comment How to perform cunning linguist been removed by a blog administrator. Hi eM, Thank you for being so brutally honest. It is a refreshing change from the hypocrisy that one normally encounters in our part of the world.

So you think you're a...

I really do enjoy your posts very much. For the record, How to perform cunning linguist a woman, and thankfully the man in my life is considerate enough to let me How to perform cunning linguist when he is about to get close to his O.

And yes, he returns the favour too. But I have no qualms about making him, umm, happy this way. It isn't like it's an ordeal or anything. But I've learnt that with time, the power play and dominance in sex fades out, and unhurried, intimate, less kinky sex tends to become the norm. Which, from experience I can tell is a lot of funner and happier in a very different way. Plus I guess you tend to get lazy with time too. But hell, the entire blowjob thing, is so totally subject to an individual's preferences.

It'd be interesting to see what sort of data your poll comes up with. But you should allow me that.

Top 5 Tips Cunnilingus Tips....

My advice to you - don't be promiscuous. It'll get tiring after a point. Unless you want to How to perform cunning linguist the next female hugh hef. And please have safe sex. Also, There are going to be a number of people including me who'll offer you a moral discourse on this one. Please tell them all to go take a hike.

I gotta say - I am a woman, and I love giving head. Not the power play part of it, but the actual physical part of it. I think it's fascinating and very satisfying to see your partner enjoy himself so much. And since How to perform cunning linguist am so sincere about it, most men I have been with recognize that and willingly do the same for me. I'm surprised to see so many people unhappy with oral. It should "How to perform cunning linguist" the funnest part of foreplay.

Open your mind too people, not just your mouth! Hey eM, Awesome post. I How to perform cunning linguist been reading your blog for a while now but i seldom comment. But this topic i totally identify with.

My boyfriend and I enjoy a healthy relationship both spiritually and physically. Physically we are experimental in more ways than one. Going down on each other never came easy not for me and not for my guy. But once we learnt how much more fun it is, it's become more regular than intercourse.

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I somehow feel we Indian girls are more reluctant to indulge in Oral Sex and its better we stay that way because Indian men are not known to have the cleanest genitals. Besides unlike a few in India and most in the western countries, a lot of our boys aren't circumcised.

I have done both and trust me, circumcised seems fresh out of the box. Also i trust who i am with and usually would practice the withdrawl method. The feeling of bare skin cannot be replaced by any elastic, dotted or ribbed. Maybe the new vibratory kind will have something new to offer. All i said above How to perform cunning linguist true but at any time did it occur to you How to perform cunning linguist i might be a guy.

And SOME turn on!! Don't let trolls keep you down.

Ever the cunning linguist, Jamye...

Lack of sex does strange things to people. Coming from an Indian woman - a gutsy How to perform cunning linguist indeed. i've never performed one to date. it seems like fun. cant be much harder than a. From what I have heard, male cunning linguists don't spit. Ever the cunning linguist, Jamye Waxman gives some tips on cunnilingus. Student Sex Workers S1.

Sex workers talk about their most expensive service: companionship. a framed photo of his tongue on my desk.

So what's the secret? With just a few simple techniques, you can easily become a cunning linguist.


Be A Cunning Linguist

I think I'm a spitter too: For the record, I'm a woman, and thankfully the man in my life is considerate enough to let me know when he is about to get close to his O.

Most of us used to have a "few" before we started out if we thought it was going to be that kind of party. Then we heard from other A. Hyde Thursday, 28 June at But the feeling shouldn't confine to that momentary time-zone while indulging in amrous pleasure. Anonymous Thursday, 7 February at

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Reddy Madhavan is also able to tackle some fairly sensitive subjects such as identity, the lover of and karmic ties with parents, adoption, the first erotic encounter, loneliness, and my apple of someone's eye, feminist rage. Seeing that underscore about asparagus reminded me of this First time commenter and long time reader here, btw. Shall lurk around as usual: I would dearly love to leave a name but the woman in my life would kill me.

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Is this date a bad idea? "The Cunning Linguist". When you are done with the kissing, begin to inch your way downstairs. Once you reach your destination, start rubbing. a framed photo of his tongue on my desk. So what's the secret? With just a few simple techniques, you can easily become a cunning linguist..

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Cunning Linguist, Polyglot, Language Lover tshirt, customizable back. Tell the world what you speak!

Start slow Don't be in a hotfoot it to attack her clit. Kiss, nibble, and suck on her mouth, her breasts, her thighs. Like any going to bed act, she requirements to be mellow and ready in front you start getting serious. Even when you do reach it down there, kiss and lick and suck on all of her, not just her clit. Her labia need attention too, and many women love having a tongue pushed up inside of them.

Find the clit You need to find the quarter near or on her clit that is "just right" for her, the area that, with every flick of your tongue, sends surges of joy ride through her masses. No, we're not going to pull in a tap you a representation, or describe a roadmap. The leading way to declare it is unaffectedly to ask her.

Each woman is slightly different in how she wants to be stimulated, so tell her to give you guidance as your explore her nether regions. You call for to communicate to find the respect to stimulate her best.

Many men tense up their tongues and flick the tip furiously against her clit. A relaxed not say a word will do the trick better, using the broad shoal part, whether you flick it or just bob your head.

How to perform cunning linguist


  • Name: Whitney
  • Age: 34
  • Heigh: 5'.4"
  • Weight: 58 kg.
  • Drinker: Light drinker
  • Sex position: Urolagnia

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About ME: I love to touch, feel, fondle, and i'm extremely oral. I'm just looking to pass on my experience and have some mutual fun. I like the outdoors and being active. I'm also very open and into exploring.

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