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How do you hide pictures

Sexy por pics How do you hide pictures.

Trying to conceal pictures of your significant other? How about those pics of yourself flexing in the mirror?

Here are some options for hiding photos on your Android phone. Do you ever lend your Android phone to someone and hope that they don't look through your image gallery? Maybe they will find pictures sent from your significant other.

Or how about those pictures of you flexing or posing in front of the mirror? That would be embarrassing!

Here are the two main ways to hide your pictures from exploring eyes:. Any of those will work. You can also mount your SD card on your computer and follow these steps from there in fact, that way might be a lot faster. Open the file manager or SD card and add a new folder that starts with a period. Move your photos into this folder.

Trying to conceal pictures of...

They will no longer show in the default Gallery app nor any other picture viewer, just the file manager. You will need to remember where you put them, and you should note that they will not be protected by a password, as they would be if you'd used a photo-hiding app.

Second option: Apps that lock...

There are a lot of options in this category. Two of the most popular apps are Vaulty and Gallery Lock Lite.

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To hide photos with this app, just open it and then press and hold on individual pictures until the menu pops up. You can also go through the regular Gallery on the phone and press the share button on pictures to send them into Vaulty's hiding spot, protected by a password.

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