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How to ignore a man you like

Nude gallery How to ignore a man you like.

Do you want to ignore a guy that you like in order to make him like you more? Or do you need to ignore someone that you no longer want to be with even if you still like him?

Fortunately, by following some simple tips and using a bit of discipline, you can successfully ignore the guy you like and either snag him or let him go for good. If the guy you like makes plans with someone else and this upsets you, you should:. If you aren't dating yet, you don't really get to say what he's allowed to do or not do. Telling him that you don't want him going out with certain people might push him away instead of pulling him toward you.

If you're bothered because he's How to ignore a man you like plans with someone else, rant about it to one trusted friend and then let the topic go.

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You don't want it to fester, so get it out of your system and move on! Read on for another quiz question. It's one thing to flirt with other people to get his attention, but actively trying to upset him isn't a good idea. He may not even know that you're upset, and if you make him feel bad, he may walk away for good. Your personality and interests will speak for themselves!

Having a fun social life is great! Still, there's an important reason to fill your schedule when attracting that one specific guy. Of course, the cooler you seem, with friends, clubs, and other social programs, the more the guy will want to get to know you. Still, there's a specific reason to keep your schedule full when attracting a guy.

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You don't want How to ignore a man you like seem like you're waiting around for him to text you all the time. Filling your schedule will help you to stay busy and play hard to How to ignore a man you like in a subtle, flirtatious way. You don't want to push him away too much! Keeping your schedule filled will help you seem fun and independent, but don't fill it up to the point where you never get to hang out with the guy!

Click on another answer to find the right one If you need to sort out what you could have done differently in your relationship, you should:. If you're trying to sort out what happened, you don't want to talk to him just yet.

There are other ways to figure out what happened in your relationship without going back down that path. In fact, it's probably best you distance yourself from your mutual friends, at least in the beginning. This will help you to establish a new stage of life for yourself.

If you really must go over your relationship, there are other ways. You want to avoid getting tangled back up with your ex or bringing any of your friends into the matter. Still, if you really want to figure out what happened in your relationship, writing things down in a journal can help! While it's probably best to just pick up and move on, that's not always the easiest thing to do.

Still, there are steps you can take to work out your emotions in a healthy way. Family Friends and Dating Relationship Issues. Reader Approved Why choose wikiHow? In this case, several readers have written to tell us that this article was helpful to them, earning it our reader approved badge.

Wait to text him back.

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When you get a text from a guy you like, it is very exciting. You will want to write him back right away. But not so fast! You may want to set a timer or a reminder for yourself.

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You may be compelled to reach out to him, to mention a song you heard or invite him to do something fun. But instead of initiating conversation with him, wait for him to contact you.

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This way, when he initiates conversation, you have a few interesting comments to use. Flirt with other people.

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If you are out at a party with a guy that you like, go ahead and flirt with other people. Let him see you laughing and having fun. This will make him want you more. Find extra reasons to stand close to someone, or find reasons to touch them.

Find fun ways to spend your time, such as making plans with friends or joining a club, and keep your schedule full. Make him work around your schedule if he wants to spend time with you. Can we do Saturday instead? Just shrug it off and do something with your friends instead. When he notices that you are giving him plenty of space, he will be drawn to you.

Make sure he is not blowing you off or ditching you. If you had plans together first and he changes them and if this happens more than onceit may be time to How to ignore a man you like him for good.

Method 1 Quiz If the guy you like makes plans with someone else and this upsets you, you should: Tell him the truth. Rant to one friend. Try to upset him back. Wait a few days to respond to a request.

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If you want to make your attempts to ignore your guy a little subtler, one great option is to wait a few days to agree to hang out. If he wants to go meet up outside of school, you can let him know that you are interested, but that you need to figure out when you're available. When he asks you to hang out, let him know that you have to get back to him.

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Wait anywhere from one to three days to confirm. Make him work around your schedule. If the guy you like wants to spend time with you, make him work around your schedule.