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What makes your hair smell bad

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Do you smoke or work in a greasy kitchen? Are you an athlete who sweats a lot? If so, there are lots of ways to keep your hair smelling good for a long time.

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Wash your hair regularly. Oily hair tends to pick up environmental smells.

Cover your hair in smelly environments. If you work in a kitchen or are going to be at a smoke-filled party, cover your hair if you can. At a party, opt for a hat or a cute bandana. Wash your headgear and pillowcases. Keep these items as clean as possible.

Clean out your brush or comb. Especially if you use products that build up in your hair and on your brush, you could be forcing smells into your hair when you brush it. Try to clean them out about once a week. You can also use scissors to get stubborn hair out of your brush, just be careful not to harm the bristles.

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