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Wife gives birth to black baby

Sexy Galleries Wife gives birth to black baby.

My wife and I made headlines in when my wife gave birth to a white baby.

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It was strange because my wife and I are both Black. A lot of people accused my wife of sleeping around with white guys, but I stood by her side because of the love and trust I have for her. I believed her when she told me that the white baby was the result of a gene mutation unique to her.

She told me that her great, great, great grandfather was white. Despite a lot of people calling me names I remained faithful to my wife and took care of the baby.

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Three years later my wife has again given birth to a Chinese baby. This time she says her great,great, great grandmother was Chinese. You so called wife is a prostitute i end here.

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Continue trusting and loving yo wife,she is great n very special a woman. Be loyal n love her whole heartedly. You are a fool people warned you that next time it will be Chinese just say if you are importent. You are an idiot. They are not your children.

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No my brother, you are right, stand by her side. Come on wake up!!!!!! You are there is no way your children can be born pure with no trace of black in them go for DNA please. U r impotent yo wife is using that as an excuse next time u will tell us that she has given birth to a Japanese with same story wake up.

The next Wife gives birth to black baby will be Indian,knw y coz she got the ginz from her great great great grandmothers neighbour who ws indian.

You choose to be faithful to your wife so you should even faithfully know if they are your real children. You misplace love and you say going for DNA is not Christianity? I mean how are you going to know the truth?

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We are seeing now women we respect being painted naked…and if such a woman is your you come to see her on-line painted naked and you am standing by her because of the love I have for her? Ulichipuba zoona, limbi ulamyanga naku chinyo, u are a fool balikutombela chikala and continue staying with her, I will make sure naine katombe mo.

I have proved that you are representing all the fools in this world, u are not even ashamed of yourself to Air all the two incidents which has happened to you, ignorance has got no defence i have believed it. Sure same thing maybe ask doctors my brother but to me can not happen second time why and ask her careful something behind any way. Did your great grandmother do gravity? If it may be the case! But as you mentioned earlier in science, can gravity also work on human beings?

Jesus Christ did not completely trust men because he knew Wife gives birth to black baby was in man.