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Self photoshop fail

XXX Video Self photoshop fail.

When used correctly, it's like a magical elixir that some celebrities can't seem to get enough of. Whether it's being used for the cover of Vogue or for selfies on Instagram, it's a great tool for getting rid of those pesky extra pounds and wrinkles.

But, like most things, Photoshop has a dark side. Because celebrities are idolized, there will always be people who strive to be just like them. Photoshop might be great for graphic design, but using it to manipulate celebrity images has contributed to unrealistic body image expectations, eating disorders, and Self photoshop fail self esteem worldwide.

Self photoshop fail

Being happy with a few extra pounds or wrinkles just isn't an option anymore. Despite these negative consequences, celebrities particularly females are under a lot of pressure to look good all the timeso it's only natural that they'd be tempted to tamper with their own pictures. Seamlessly manipulating an image isn't always easy, however. I know it's hard to believe, but Tara Reid is now years-old. How is that even possible? American Pie seems like yesterday well for me, anyway.

The point is, I don't want to be self-conscious enough at 42 to bother with photoshopping my bikini bod. At 42 I'll be lucky to have a "bikini bod" at all. By the time someone hits their forties, Self photoshop fail should be DONE with trying to impress people on Instagram.

Screw that, they should be done trying to impress people at all! I'm 35 now and I'm well on my way to not giving AF. With Self photoshop fail year that goes by I can feel myself caring less and less about what other people think of me, especially people I don't even know.

I guess a life in Hollywood really messes with you, because this list is chock-full of women who are too old to give a crap. Tara, don't bother with Photoshop. Unless your side naturally has craters in it, it's pretty obvious what's going on here. Oh look, it's just another example of Self photoshop fail woman who's way too old to be bothering with Photoshop. Mariah Carey is now 47 years old and looks hella good for her age, so God knows why she always feels the need for a virtual nip-and-tuck.

This one is a major fail, though. Yes, the wavy line in the cabinet is a dead ringer for suspicious editing, but there's also that tiny pie hand. How did that tiny hand holding a pie show up on her shoulder, and how did she not notice it? I guess she was too busy cropping out all of her perceived flaws to see it.

Being the Self photoshop fail bastard that I am, I zeroed in on that tiny pie right away! You know what's messed up? Rihanna has the body of a freaking goddess, yet even she's insecure enough to continually photoshop her own selfies.

There's no hope for any of us if the beautiful people can't even be happy with themselves!

The 44 worst celebrity Photoshop...

When celebrities like Rihanna who has a lot of young fans is caught photoshopping her "flaws" out, it sends a pretty bad message to all the young women of the world. If Rihanna isn't pretty enough to be happy with herself, then maybe you aren't either. Totally untrue, but Self photoshop fail the message girls are getting nonetheless. Just love yourself, Rihanna. Try sending a different message.

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She's one of the few celebrities who's very open about her struggles, both past and present. In her documentary, Katy repeatedly insists that she's not going to be someone that she's not, but you can feel her struggle Self photoshop fail that. As a woman, it's easy to relate to her insecurities and self doubt, especially after watching her marriage with Russell Brand go up in flames. Given what I already know about her issues with self esteem, I'm not too surprised to see that she got busted for using Photoshop.

In this case I'm not Self photoshop fail how she didn't see all the warping around her neck, but everyone else sure did. Who knew that Katy was insecure about the length of her neck? Usually women go after the usual "problem zones," but not this time.

Prepare yourself- this isn't going to be the only Kardashian you seen on this list!

Here are the worst celeb...

In what I assume was an attempt to accentuate her ASSets, Khloe photoshopped her legs a little too aggressively in this shot. I guess she didn't think we'd notice the unnaturally pointed knee cap, but notice Self photoshop fail did. Khloe was always my favorite Kardashian sister because she's always been more relatable than the others.

The 44 worst celebrity Photoshop...

She's always been vocal about her struggles with insecurity and we've watched her weight go up and down over the years. When the other two sisters seemed almost plastic, she came off as authentic.

It bothers me that she's trying to edit out her flaws when those were the very things that made her likable in the first place.

Kylie Jenner, Oprah, Jennifer Lawrence,...

It's not just women who suffer from major Photoshop fails, as you'll see in this Russian issue of Vogue magazine. Unfortunately for Adam Levine, it looks like Photoshop came and took a massive bite out of his side. Seriously, a whole chunk of him is missing. My question is, WHY?! When the world loses a chance to see even more of Adam's tatted up torso, it's a major tragedy.

Was this just some unnecessary attempt to make that skinny model's leg look even skinnier? I haven't Self photoshop fail the original, but I'm willing to bet it looked pretty amazing. Messing up perfection's not easy, but I guess the incompetent re-touchers over at Vogue were on a mission!

Pretty embarrassing, and I'm willing to bet some people were fired over this. If this image of Self photoshop fail and Tyga doesn't already gross you out, this disgusting use of Photoshop definitely will.

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There are a couple of things bothering me here. One, that photoshopped thigh looks exactly like an arm and doesn't even come close to matching the other one. Two, either Kylie has a Self photoshop fail mole on her kneecap, or that's a misplaced nip slip. It didn't take people long to scream WTF, so it was taken down pretty fast.

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Ironically, Kylie recently came for the paparazzi, claiming they photoshopped her baby bump pictures. Check for the crooked lines in the background.

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