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Last week the online retailer Yandy pulled a sexy "Handmaid's Tale" Halloween costume following public outcry on social media.

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The outfit, dubbed, "Brave Red Maiden" was immediately pulled and the company issued a formal apology, stating: In the fictional Sexy native american women television series based on the novel by Margaret Atwood, handmaids are held captive, raped and forced to give birth. One twitter user wrote, "there's nothing like fighting the patriarchy by sexualizing a show about misogyny and rape. Now, Native women are pointing out a clear double standard.

The same company has an entire section of Indian costumes with over 40 dehumanizing depictions of Native women including "Native American Seductress," "Sexy Pocahontas" and "Chief's Desire. Native women are 2.

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Eight in 10 Native women will be raped, stalked or abused in their lifetime, and one in three Native women will experience violence every year. While no national database exists, on some reservations Native women are murdered at a rate ten times the national average.

Native advocates are calling for a boycott until the company removes its Indian costume section with the Sexy native american women CancelYandy and an online petition.

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Previous calls for the racist costumes to be removed have been met with a flat no. At the time of this publication, Yandy has not replied to a request for comment.

The dehumanization of Native women...

While the company argues that the costumes Sexy native american women not harm Native Americans, extensive public opinion and psychological research states otherwise. The same research showed that exposure to stereotypical and outdated images of Native Americans led non-Native people to be have more prejudice and negative views against Natives, even when the depictions were deemed to be positive or honoring.

The harm of these stereotypes is compounded by the fact that they exist within a complete vacuum of accurate, contemporary and human portrayals of real Native people.

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The safety of Native women in the United States hinges on public policy. Due to a complex network of overlapping federal laws and statutes, non-Native perpetrators can commit rape, child abuse, sexual harassment, kidnapping, and even murder on tribal land and the tribe is prohibited from prosecuting them.

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